Vegetable Planter

  • Vegetable Planter-2

    Vegetable Planter-2

    Product Detail The vegetable planting machine can reach one grain per hole or multiple grains per hole. it can save seeds for you The planting distance and planting depth can also be adjusted. It can be used to sow carrots, beans, onions, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, celery, cabbage, rapeseed, pepper, broccoli, and other kinds of small seeds of vegetables and herbs. The sowing wheel of this vegetable seed planter is made of special material, which is anti-static, non-stick to the seed so...
  • Vegetable Planter-1

    Vegetable Planter-1

    Product Detail Small plots of land used in maize, cotton, wheat, legume crops, sorghum, peanuts and other soft-grained fragile seeds in the process of planting are generally artificial way to sow, fertilization, this way is easy to make people tired, low sowing efficiency, human factors affect the germination and growth of some seeds, resulting in lower yield. This product is a kind of hand-held the fertilizer, and high efficiency, fast hand-held fertilizer spot planter machine. The hand...
  • Vegetable Planter

    Vegetable Planter

    Product Detail RY vegetable planter  adopts a high-precision seed metering device, which makes the seeding accuracy, seeding efficiency, plant spacing and grain spacing far better than manual seeding; users can replace different seeding wheels according to their needs, and one machine can realize different planting distances. Vegetable seeds. The whole machine has simple structure, ingenious design and small footprint. After the machine is put into use, it will greatly reduce the labor i...