Slashers & Mowers

  • Walking Mower

    Walking Mower

    Product Detail Lawn mowers are suitable for flat grasslands in agricultural/pastoral areas and mountainous and hilly grasslands. They are mainly used for lawn trimming, forage harvesting, pastoral management, shrub trimming, etc. You can choose diesel engine or gasoline engine as power Technical Specification Items Unit Specification Matching power kw 4.8 Displacement CC 196 Cutting width mm 60/80/90/100/120mm optional Stubble height mm 20-80 ...
  • Rotary Mower

    Rotary Mower

    Product Detail The rotary slasher are suitable for cleaning and slashing in bush and grassland, As well as improving uneven ranch. The machine is scientific in design, durable in service, easy to operate and maintain, adjustable in cutting height and has excellent working performance, they are more ideal agricultural machines for grass slashing and ranch cleaning. Technical Specification Model Unit SL2-1.2 SL4-1.5 SL4-1.8 Working width mm 1200 1500 ...
  • 9gb Series Mower

    9gb Series Mower

    Product Detail 9GB series reciprocating mower is used for reaping the grass at the farm, forest or as ture land.It works at the hill,sloping field or small field. It controls by the tractor driver and it has the good working performance,the whole mower can be lifted by hydraulic pressure systerm when the tractor crosses the barrier. Technical Specification Model Unit 9GB-1.2 9GB-1.4 9GB-1.6 9GB-1.8 9GB-2.1 Working  width mm 1200 1400 1600 1800 2100 ...