Disc Harrow

  • Heavy Disc Harrow For Agricultural 1BQX

    Heavy Disc Harrow For Agricultural 1BQX

    Product detail The 1BQX series Light-duty Disc Harrow are suitable for pulverized and loosening clods after ploughing and for planning the land before sowing on cultivated land. The machines can make soil and fertilizer mix up, and clear away the stump of plants on light or medium soil and preparing seed bed for planting. The series Light-duty Disc Harrow frame are made of qualified steel tube, Their structures are simple and reasonable, strong and durable, convenient to operate, easy to...
  • Heavy Disc Harrow For Agricultural 1BJ

    Heavy Disc Harrow For Agricultural 1BJ

    Product detail 1BJX medium-sized disc harrow is suitable for crushing and loosening soil blocks after cultivation and land preparing before sowing. It can mix soil and fertilizer on the cultivated land and remove the stumps of plants. The product has a reasonable structure, strong rake force, durability, easy operation, easy maintenance, and can effectively crush and drive into the soil to make the land smooth , these meet the needs of intensive agriculture. The material of the disc is 6...